Hi! I'm Patricia.

Happily married and mom of Valentina.

Born on the 'dia da Patria', in Brazil. I spent my early childhood years on the white sandy beaches of Bahia, being very close to that beautiful piece of nature. 

After moving with the family to Belgium, I grew up and studied occupational therapy. As I turned out to be quite a people person, I earned my degree in occupational therapy. During my first 5 years at work, I generated creativity within several groups of people, recovering from injuries, psychological illness and sufforing, turning difficult times for people into a re-appreciation for the joy of life.

How did I get to decide to become a photographer then?

Well, A fine photograph as a snapshot of life always attracted me : even as a child, I tried to capture every special moment in my life on paper or on a picture. 

It always fascinated me to try to capture the beauty behind any person's face.

After 20 years living in Belgium, in December 2007 I decided to move back to Brazil. 

During my sabbaticaI I travelled through a large part of South America, then back I travelled a lot within Brazil to connect with my roots.

During that time I took a lot of photographs, it was like writing a diary made of images only.

In 2009 I bought my first DSLR camera (Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera) , and started a course to learn about the technical know how behind this type of photography. I was hooked! 

 I took a professional course at the photography school Fullframe, in São Paulo, and then even more courses: Photoshop training, studio lighting, and a lot of workshops to gain more experience. 

I met a lot of great photographers there, and in particular the exceptional talent of Thales Trigo. He became my personal friend and my example.

Today, I use a professional fullframe camera: the Nikon D750, with different sets of objectives. I just love using the fix objective of 85mm, 1.4 or 35mm 1.8, which gives such a radiant result.

What I'm offering to you, is to capture your precious moments in style, creative and beautiful, and make them a memory for a lifetime!

Abraço & beijo

I hope to see you soon!