Hi! I'm Patricia.

Happily married and mom of Valentina.

Born on the 'dia da Patria', in Brazil. I spent my early childhood years on the white sandy beaches of Bahia, being very close to that beautiful piece of nature. 

After moving with the family to Belgium, I grew up and studied occupational therapy. As I turned out to be quite a people person, I earned my degree in occupational therapy. During my first 5 years at work, I generated creativity within several groups of people, recovering from injuries, psychological illness and sufforing, turning difficult times for people into a re-appreciation for the joy of life.

How did I get to decide to become a photographer then?

I'l tell you soon my story...

What I'm offering to you, is to capture your precious moments in style, creative and beautiful, and make them a memory for a lifetime!

Abraço & beijo

I hope to see you soon!