Hi! I am Patricia, and I love life.

I’m a happily married mom of Valentina, living in Antwerp.

I was born on the 'dia da Patria', Brazilian national holiday, in the south of Brazil, hence my name. 

I spent my early childhood years on the white sandy beaches of Bahia, in the North East of Brazil, and learned to appreciate our beautiful mother nature from day one. 

After moving with my family to Belgium, I grew up and turned out to be quite a people person. Out of human interest, I studied and earned my degree in occupational therapy. During my first 5 years at work, I creatively helped people to progress in their difficult situations. I worked within several groups of people, who were recovering from injuries or who were suffering from psychological illnesses, turning their difficult times into a re-appreciation for the joy of life.

How did I get to decide to become a photographer then? Well, here’s the short version:

My father, my hero, was the one always taking pictures in our family, with his old reflex camera. Unfortunately, we lost him in an accident in Brazil when I was 10 years old. All I had left from him from that moment on were his photographs & our lovely memories. I saw how important these pictures turned out to be for me. And I realized this would be the same for most of the people who care, love and share moments together. I saw many people keeping low quality home made pictures, or smartphone pictures who disappear with a lost or broken phone, or not take any pictures at all and get stuck having nothing more than fading memories in the end.

So I took on a mission, to provide you with these memory assists for your small and big events with your family and friends!

What I'm offering to you, is to capture your precious moments and present them in high quality. I gently edit the taken pictures to deliver you a result that is beautifully real, turning these moments into a memory for a lifetime. I also make high quality paper printed albums or pictures, as something you can physically hold on to!

Abraço & beijo,

I hope to see you soon!